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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Tahoma”]It may not be so obvious to everyone else, but you know the truth.
You know you should eat better, but you don’t. You can’t seem to shift the weight no matter what you do. You worry your partner is turned off by how you look, infact your ‘body stuff’ is affecting your love life.
Maybe everyone says you look great… but they don’t know what you do, or how you really feel behind closed doors. Sometimes you have toxic thoughts… but you kinda believe them.


You wonder
Why can’t I ever just be happy with myself? Which foods should I eat to be healthy, or how can I balance my weight + finally make it stick? How will I ever find love looking like this, or ever compete with the others? Infact, why the hell am I so insecure? it doesn’t make sense!


Not loving your body is holding you back
From the promotion that means you have to stand at the front of the room
From manifesting love
From inner peace
From wearing what you want
From feeling free and uninhibited when you make love
From being seen + following your dreams[/text_block]

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You’ve tried so hard, so many times, but the changes don’t seem to last. Maybe you’ve lost hope.

But you need to know



and I’ll show you how


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I’m Jay Diamond. Shamanic, tantric, yogini.

I help you switch your problems for soul wisdom. 

What I’ve seen after working with hundreds of clients, is that so many spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong things. Or, they don’t allow them selves to delve deep enough to make any lasting change.
***WARNING*** I tell it like it is. Not like you wanna hear it.
They want to get confident,  drop the weight, or go for their dreams but they go for the quick fix programme or diet without ever taking the time to look at; let alone remove the UNDERLYING REASON for their problem. It’s crazy, they have spent hundreds or thousands, months + years and sweat + toil on the symptom, and ignored the cause.
Sometimes, ‘just hit the gym’ ain’t the answer
You see, without going to the root cause, you cannot have long lasting change. You may achieve short term change, but it won’t last (sound familiar) , or worse, the problem will sneakily show up in another area your life (different obsession).
Simply because you’re ignoring the root cause and trying to fix a leaking pipe with a band aid.
What you need to do is find the source of the leak and switch it off!
If you’re ready for real change, I’m ready to take you there – so you too can have outrageous body confidence!
Let me be straight, this is not just about weight loss. Women of all sizes can have body confidence issues for many varied reasons, some they never discuss with others. However with this programme, you will find your weight starting to balance. Your personal confidence will increase + a you’ll notice strange hankering for healthy food and exercise that makes you feel good! Importantly, you will truly and authentically love yourself. 
You will finally appreciate what you see in the mirror. What a bloody relief!
I’ve been a healer for 16 years, with a degree in Psychology + a helluva lotta life experience. 
I know very well what it means to struggle with your weight, and have body confidence issues. In the past I would constantly torment myself by comparing myself to others, taking diet pills, counting calories + I felt insecure. 
It didn’t matter that others said I looked great; because the most important thing, the most LIFE CHANGING thing, will always be: WHAT YOU BELIEVE ABOUT YOURSELF. 
Growing up I had bad skin + greasy hair. It totally affected my confidence. And although in time I grew out of that, in my heart I always believed myself to be the unattractive girl. If and when I had small breakouts – I would freak out. 
My body type? (will always be ) Heavy on the thighs, slow to loose, quick to gain. I am not a skinny yoga teacher, folks. 
But now; I am slim, I am healthy, I am full of energy, I am receiving more compliments now than I ever did in my 20’s! Even though I am NOT at my ‘skinniest’, or at the gym 5 x a week, or training for a marathon ( Actually I would never do that one, to be fair!)
Because I went to the core of it all. I changed my mind – then it changed my heart – it changed my body. I changed the way I loved myself, and guess what – others followed suit. 



Imagine this…

7 weeks from now, your back to that place of feeling amazing; before insecurity got a hold on your life.

You wake up one morning with overwhelming gratitude for your body. You really like what you see in the mirror.

Your eating better, and actually enjoying exercise. Your weight is balancing. You feel pretty hot actually, and dress accordingly. 

Remember that self sabotage crap? Yea; it’s gone. Poof!

You step up and be seen. You have suddenly developed a f*** it! attitude and put yourself forward at work, in love and in life!

That’s what comes with outrageous body confidence.

Do not waste another day holding out on the best of your life.


Outrageous Body Confidence

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This programme is designed to get to the root of your body worries, and weed them out. One by one so you can have Outrageous Body Confidence – without crash diets and expensive supplements. 

In this healing course, you will be transformed into a confident and heart led woman. A woman who stands for the happiness of all women, no matter what. A woman who lives by her own rules, dances to her own drum, and makes love at her own tempo. 

Not only that, but you will learn skills you can use for life. Healing skills

You’ll be part of a private members only Facebook group. A sister circle where we cheer each other on and document our progress and aha moments. It’s a safe space where we don’t judge by appearances and we care about our sisters. There will be easy to access video streaming lessons + teachings, special guests, shamanic journeying, mp3 downloads, + a handbook at your disposal.


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Week 1

Opening ceremony: A group shamanic journey for guidance and focus

Eat and drink for success! Learn the benefits a spiritualised diet and a chemical free life

Gather + choose your success tools + begin deep dive preparations

Week 2

Deep dive preparations. Prepare to be astounded at what you learn, as you flip the lid on hidden areas of self sabotage.

Weeks 3+ 4

You enter the powerful 12 day process; transforming every area of your life in only 30 minutes a day. You will forcefully move from self doubt to self confidence. Hang on to your hats ladies!

Week 5

Learn your secret weapon against cravings

Build your power statement

Make amends with your body

Week 6:

Learn tantric tricks for personal and sexual confidence and connection.

Tantric workshops to powerfully claim self love

Week 7

Closing ceremony

Marking your achievements

Forging ahead


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″ font_font=”Tahoma” font_color=”%23ff0a10″]$497
NOW ONLY $177!!!!!
Introductory offer – GET IN QUICK![/text_block]
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We start 10/10/16 

“The number 10 is the only Karmic number that indicates a release of karma. A new door opening. A clean slate.  A rebirth.
As such, 10/10 is a day when we can all push the “reset” button if we so choose.  It’s a day where the energy is aligned with new beginnings – free from the accumulated “debt” of the past. It’s a moment in time to forgive, release, make amends, and chart a brand new trajectory.”
– – the-numinous.com[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Tahoma” font_color=”%23000000″]Let’s talk details:
You’ll learn at least 2 powerful energy healing techniques for your own use. Powerful is the operative word.
You will see, feel and experience a powerful letting go of the past, understanding why you’ve been stuck and seeing the pattern of that stuckness leave you forever. There will be ups and down, smiles, and maybe tears on your way to long lasting success. Embrace it all. You deserve it.
You will receive a short detox yoga class to use throughout the programme.
You will learn powerful techniques of forgiveness and focus setting for success
There will be guests who will blow your mind + heart wide open
You will need to commit to the 12 day process. It takes about 15-30 minutes a day during those 12 days in the middle of the course.
You will receive guidance on which foods to eat + what to avoid, plus the sneaky things that are tripping you up


This is a very special introductory offer. I usually offer only 1 2 1 sessions at $78-$117 / £60-£90 per hour. So investing in this 7 week programme is a no brainer! I feel that many would benefit from this online group programme and I really look forward to seeing your success!
Don’t go into another new year, making and breaking the same promises. This is your chance to start over, and build a new foundation. Don’t miss it.
Classes and live streams can be accessed across numerous time zones or recorded catch up.[/text_block]

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Bonuses!! (yay!)


  • Exercise matrix and planner – quick reference guide to fun + interesting ways to top up your health points!
  • Quick reference guide to clean eating
  • Arch Angel health healing + meditation
  • Magic e journal to document your progress


yes let me in

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We have guests!

(coming soon!)


This is for you if you:

  • Are finally ready to go to the root cause of your problem
  • Are open minded
  • Follow the programme given and make the time to do the exersizes
  • Are willing to hunt, document and share your wins
  • Don’t back down if it gets tough
  • Take responsibility for your own emotions

This is not for you if you:

  • Don’t really want to commit to yourself
  • Hang on to excuses
  • Aren’t willing to make the time
  • Still just want to take a new ‘pill’ rather than heal at the root cause
  • Are stuck in blaming others for your problems

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Tahoma” font_color=”%23000000″] If you STILL! have questions, or maybe you just wanna snoop my FacebookFacebook_120px
You can find me + connect by clicking THIS LINK[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The information available in this programme is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition.
You agree to be responsible for your own care + evolution, understanding that all participants experiences and levels of success are relative to their effort and personal needs.[/text_block]


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