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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Tahoma”]Are you feeling run down, struggling with your relationships or out of sync?
In today’s world many of us have lost touch with the qualities that make us uniquely feminine. Nurturing these qualities helps our ability to switch off and relax, our unique life purpose and helps not only attract but keep a great relationship.
Most of us have no idea that if we don’t balance our internal masculine (go, do, achieve, focus)  and feminine (receive, play, share, soft) energies we quickly become burnt out, feel unsexy + unattractive, feel unsupported and secretly isolated – and don’t even know why.
At this time many of us are reclaiming our unique, feminine radiance and power.
If you would like to be magnetic, confident, relaxed, abundant and sensual join this easy to understand and implement 4 module course over 8 weeks to unlock your personal flavour of feminine allure.
This isn’t about making you adhere to society’s expectations of what a woman should be; but rather helping you to develop yin feminine qualities in a yang masculine world – be it in the archetypal form of Queen, Lover, Priestess or something else.
Your essence is unique + important and is needed to create balance and bliss; not only in your personal world, but in our world at large.
The world needs women like you to show up full hearted.
This Feminine Radiance E Course will lead you step by step to bliss, reduced stress and turning heads where ever you go.[/text_block]

Unlock your magnetic sensual powers, inner powerful confidence + sexy feminine sass with this easy to follow 4 module course – full of ‘how to’s’.

(go easy on ’em babe! heehee)


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  • Your feminine archetype

    Queen, priestess or lover?

    Own your gifts + turn your weaknesses into strengths

  • Become magnetic

    Discover how you have switched off your sexy switch, and flip it back on

  • Learn to secret to have men clamouring to help you

    A simple yet effective method to have masculine men rushing to your side

  • Make their heads turn

    Learn the secrets of being a radiant woman

  • Learn the secret to intimacy and support

    Learn the route to soul to soul heart sharing and feeling supported

  • Develop body confidence

    When you feel confident, you will feel unstoppable


“If I am totally honest I had initial doubts about any online spiritually based courses. Over the years I have been blessed to have worked with some of the most experienced and authentic healers around. My doubts were totally quashed as I started model one with Jay. She articulates with her writing so clearly and lovingly that you can feel her energy as if she is with you. Jay takes you step by step with instruction through each part of the modules, deepening your awareness of where you are currently, to recognising where you’d like to be and helping you along that journey. In a world sometimes overpowered with masculine energy, we can forget our own essence. With the help of Jay I feel I have made steps in rekindling the connection with my feminine energy and allowing this to be expressed within my world.”



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 “This time last year I was looking for advise and guidance regarding love – namely feminine vs masculine energy.
Jay gave me advise which has TOTALLY transformed my love aura and energy. It was a progressive transformation so I didn’t notice it instantly but I can look back now and say YES- Jay helped me own and share my feminine energies like the Goddess that I am. ” 

Tendai Chagweda – www.inspiringdjs.com

Tendai Chagweda

Tendai Chagweda

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Delivered in 24 hours. Exchange rates vary



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