7 Success Tips Daters Can Learn From Entrepreneurs!


The mindset of how some of the female entrepreneurs I work with as clients approach their business, can teach a lot about how to approach dating.

What happens in business and what happens in your love life can actually have very strong parallels at it’s essence. We can learn a lot from entrepreneurs; and how they run business, how they connect to  & create clients that can be used to improve your dating life!

This is not to treat people like a commodity, but to tap in to an abundance and clever-cloggs mindset and use this to improve our chances in love.

Where are female entrepreneur sisters focus on attaining clients to develop their business, we can use these themes to gain high quality dates to expand the business of our heart!

  1. Visibility

A business doesn’t run without acquiring clients.

It requires showing up and being visible, & presenting yourself in a particular way that your clients know who you are, what you’re about, and why they would want to buy from you. It’s the same with dating.

In order for you to connect with new people that you haven’t met before, you have to be seen in different places, you have to be visible, you need to be able to connect and have conversation.

Dating apps are only 1 place to meet people, there are lots of online group, and I really recommend in person ‘Meet Up’ groups that can be found on

When I worked for a central London matchmaker, one of the biggest issues I identified with professionals os that they went to the SAME places week in and week out – then wondered why they didn’t meet someone new.


2. Clarity

What you truly want is also really important part of the package. When it comes to dating for commitment, many will pretend that they want something casual, when actually they want to walk in to the sun set with someone.

You may be tempted to put on a facade of being a particular kind of person that you think your date will like – yet this almost always backfires eventually.

If we think with the entrepreneurs mindset, being clear about who we want, & the kind of relationship we want will dictate how we show up, how we behave the kinds of conversations we can have – and whether we will actually stand out OR NOT to the type of person who is LOOKING for what we have to offer.

No one wants a hard sell.

People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to. 

In the same way, when a man is looking for the woman of his dreams, he can’t find you if you’re pretending to be someone else and trying to convince him you’re the one.


3. Who’s your ideal ‘client’?

What kind of places would they hang out. What do they appreciate? What may they be looking for? What don’t they want? More on this in 5 Steps To High Quality Dates


4. Not all ‘money’ is good money

When it comes to online dating, many of my clients have a much more emotional response and way of handling interactions that can sometimes get them into trouble.

It’s not about being emotionless, or becoming a robot… but the experienced entrepreneur; when dealing with clients, realises that not all money is good money; especially when working closely with one to one clients.

Quality of Life is extremely important.

In dating; when a person is frustrated with the process and/ or a little wobbly emotionally, they may tend to give more time and energy to a person who probably isn’t going to be very good for them down the line.

They may show some warning signs, but because your dating life has been quiet you give this person more of a chance than you normally would – even though the behaviour the words that they’re saying are indicating that something feels a bit off.

Not all clients are happy and healthy clients, in fact a contract with a difficult client can make life hell.

Be willing to let these less appropriate matches go.


5. Make time

Successful entrepreneurs make time for business. If you want the same success in love, make time for it.

Better to plan, rather than hoping that you’ll have the time – it makes a huge amount of difference.

And actually this is the biggest hurdle with entrepreneurs themselves.

Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business will have set time to do various tasks.

If you don’t prioritise dating, in the busy lifestyle that we live, it can often go by the wayside.

Focus on quality over quantity.

Think of it this way, there are millions of people on Instagram who have 1000s of followers… but actually make very few sales. You can be adored by many, but it doesn’t mean any of them will committ to a sale… though they’ll happily consume ALL of your free content.

Quality over quantity is so important when dating for commitment.

Focus on those high quality people where you have high quality conversations and connections over the people who will have you chatting endlessly for months and never actually take you on a date.

Do not get caught in the text trap. Take Cherished 1 to avoid this common pitfall.


6. Trust your gut & value personal development

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut.

The best entrepreneurs have a strong gut instincts; they can’t always explain why they know something will work or why they know it won’t. It’s just a feeling that tends to guide them when it comes to deciding between two things.

And the truth is  -when it comes to dating, we actually pick up a lot of signals subconsciously – not just by what a person says, but by their body language and even slight discrepancies between what their body language and their tone of voice tells you and what their actual words are telling you.

So trusting your gut is really important.

Of course, what what’s even more important than this is that you’ve done the inner work to clear your baggage from the past so that you don’t mistake your gut feeling for past wounding. This is where self development comes in, and entrepreneurs are often reading books, taking courses, & improving their mentality and outlook so it improves their business.


7. Persistance

The route to success is assessing what works, what doesn’t and making course adjustments.

If a dating app isn’t baring much fruit, try another, and another and different places to meet people. Take a rest, for sure. But giving up because it wasn’t easy to start with is not an option. We can get comfortable with one way of doing things and be resistant to trying new things – usually because it makes us feel inadequate!

Don’t stay with mediocre results because you feel confident in one area – expand your world and your experiences. Rope in a friend if you must!

Talk to new people, shake up your routine.


What I often find with a lot of  my entrepreneurial clients is that there’s a strong crossover with the essence of what is happening with how they’re approaching their business and how they’re approaching dating.

Often if they are struggling to attract new clients or higher level clients, they have something that shows up in their dating life that has a similar underlying theme.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true and we see it over and over again when I do facebook chats on this.

When we do the deeper work on that underlying theme, it tends to unlock clients and cash as well as love – which is always welcome!

For example, one client who was desperately trying to attract new clients, actually had a hidden belief that she would be overwhelmed with more clients!

In essence – she felt’ If I take on more clients, my life will change too much.’

This translated to: ‘If I get into a relationship; I’m afraid that everything I have built for myself will crumble, my life will change too much”.

There are some incredible parallels that we can see between dating and business and I think when we start to become aware of this, we can create a huge level of expansion in our lives across love and money.

But first, which point really stands out to you from these points?



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