Should you date a coworker in the workplace?


If you’re wondering whether it’s a big mistake to date a coworker,  the first thing to do is actually check your contract at your workplace, as some businesses do not allow colleagues to date each other or contractors.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in chemistry and feelings, and because you get on so well you really believe they would never cause a problem for you at work, even if it didn’t work out between you.

Sometimes, this is indeed the case.

Alternatively, I know of a woman who brought her partner into the business but she was working with and he developed and progressed in the business, eventually becoming her boss, then after a while, they broke up.

He made her life really difficult, and then he fired her.

I know this is not the most fun thing to think about. However it’s important to consider the options if your office love affair goes tits up.

Would you really be okay seeing them every day?  Could you walk into your workplace with dignity each day? Could it ever cost you your job,  or your sanity? If not,  then go for it.

It’s tricky if the person is in a position where they could make things difficult for you, so do think carefully before you go into something like that.

On the other hand, many people meet their partners through work – this is the place many spend eight hours a day, and so it’s so natural to develop relationships with people through work and it’s great because we get to know somebody over time.

When we meet someone at work, we’re not just seeing someone who’s presenting their best self on a first date, and hiding pieces of themselves. You can get to know someone over weeks, months and even years. Because of that, these relationships can really have legs,  because you’ve really gotten to know this person for who they are, and see them from different perspectives.

One issue that can come up as we get to know someone over a long period of time, they may confide in you or discuss with you when they are having issues at home in their relationship.  They might give you a sob story about when things go off the boil, because they want you to flatter their ego and make them feel good again. They have no intention to leave their relationship, they just like the attention form you, and you mistakenly think it’s going to progress to a relationship.

It’s fun to have a bit of a flirt at work,  but if that person’s still married, please know that they would likely be making concrete plans to leave it was as bad as they’re telling you.  All relationships have ups and downs, this is normal. You can always get together when they have separated if there is truly something between you.

The last thing you need is people whispering about your business in the staff kitchen.

You could absolutely meet the man of your dreams through work, just look after number 1 first honey.

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