The 4 Single Archetype Personas – The Golden Go Getter

I developed the 4 Single Archetype Persona’s from working with women all over the world.

I found some core feelings, behaviours and beliefs that were keeping the women who came to me for dating & love coaching feeling stuck in love, and they often fell into one of 4 categories. A woman may feel she fits more that 1 archetype persona, yet usually leads with one main one. Of course, this is not exhaustive and cannot cover every individual experience…

Yet, I found that when women understood their archetype persona, not only did they gain more insight into why they felt stuck in love, it provided solid ground to create healthy changes that resulted in creating healthy, joyful relationships.

Of course, we are all individuals and life and love has many moving parts – and my clients have found these very helpful in their journey to true authentic love. To understand themselves better, and why they may be stuck in love.

Maybe it will give you some insight?

There are 4 Single Archetype Personas: Clever Clueless, The Sultry Dreamer, Golden Go Getter & The Noble Nurturer.

Today I’ll talk about:

The Golden Go Getter

Golden Go Getter is a  woman who knows what she wants in her life and she’s not afraid to go and get it, which is an incredible quality.

She’s often a successful person in her own way, yet often she knows that she’s capable of so much more – so she’s on a quest to achieve and succeed  in her life and experience all she can.  She is driven.

However, when it comes to relationship, this same goal getting energy -which often translates into a more masculine energy of doing, organising, directing how things should go – rather than the universal feminine energy of being & going with the flow; can cause some problems for women who prefer a more masculine energy man. Someone who will take the lead, pay for dinner, organise trips away,  be decisive etc.

We’ll go deeper in to the universal masculine and feminine  energy principles in another post, but essentially, masculine and feminine principles run throughout, including both in both women and men.

Often women who are Golden Go Getters have underdeveloped feminine energy – usually because they see ‘feminine’ , or more traditional associations of feminine, as weak. It’s hustle, pushing, competition and working hard that has got them to where they are. They think they have to work hard to get what they want in life.

In their life, they may have seen women that they deem to be feminine in nature being manipulative, or being manipulated – and they vow never to be like that. A

Because they don’t know how to achieve without hustling,  they can get burned out. There may be high stress and anxiety that comes alongside the success.

Unfortunately Golden Go Getters may end up being the one who is carrying the emotional weight, making the major decisions, maybe carrying financial weight & leading the relationship forward. And she is not happy with it; it’s not how she wants to live her life.

The strongest women still need and deserve support. She wants a man who will put his arms around her, and say: “Babe, I’ve got this. I’m going to take care of this.” She still wants a kiss on the forehead, & strong arms to fall into at the end of a hard day.

Just because she’s kicking ass in life, it does not mean that she doesn’t want to be cherished and adored. She finds herself saying: ‘He can’t meet me where I am”.


The problem is she may not realise that she actually wants to be the one that’s always in control, and always leading the way things go in the relationship – what’s right and wrong and what should be done and when.  She finds she is in relationship with guys she views as too laid back or lazy, or they don’t fully step up. It’s frustrating.

Golden Go Getter’s have high expectations and sometimes those expectations are a little unrealistic because not everyone is a firecracker like she is. The days where the man was the only provider are over, but she may feel frustrated if her partner isn’t doing or earning more than her.

She may be prone to criticism, and it wears down on the relationship.

Some of these ladies  were raised in single parent families by their mother and their father was not very present.

So she learned she is the one who has to save the day, and a man can not br relied upon – and this keeps showing up in her life. She really want’s support, yet doesn’t fully know how to receive it without feeling like she’s losing control.

Golden Go Getter guys may find guys are very attracted to you in the beginning, but gradually you’ll hear, “it’s not you it’s me, I think you’re great, but it’s not the right time,” or “I can’t give you what you need.”

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