He’s not your boyfriend don’t treat him like one


Here’s what I can 100% guarantee when you take my programme Cherished – My breakthrough 4 step V.I.B.E. Method to magnetising your dream guy. 

You WILL without a doubt STOP wasting your precious time with guys who are not interested in relationship, not a good match or just not emotionally unavailable (IF you follow the steps & technique).

Something happens to the women who step inside my classes.

They level up when it comes to love.

They become empowered.

Empowerment isn’t bitchy, rude, or belittling others.

It’s being very clear about what you want, and saying no to what doesn’t fulfil that without fear, & without manipulation because *importantly* you believe you DESERVE your desire.

That means you don’t try to convince someone to like you. It means you trust the process and you trust the timing. It means mostly, you trust yourself to make great decisions and to take action to CREATE the life you desire the most.

The V.I.B.E. Method is created for dating for commitment and has you show up like a queen in dating, and that feels good. One of the BIG pieces to get you the committed love you desire is not to settle with those who aren’t offering what you want, in the hopes they will give you what you want in the future. This is a recipe for disaster. 

And it’s THIS that gets my clients to soulmate twice as quick, alongside the inner work to let go of their limiting beliefs that are blocking them from love.

Not fancy pics on their dating profile, not losing weight, not sexy dm pics and not new moon rituals to manifest a man while they stay at home and wait for his arrival.

The devil is in the details, and the details come to light where the rubber meets the road – aka the choices you make on a day to day basis regards the people you interact with and the standards you uphold for yourself in your love life.

Are there some different choices you need to make? 

So many women waste time with tyre kickers when they actually want to be in a relationship, not a situationship. It takes courage to say no, and to stop putting your heart and soul in to someone who isn’t really matching your vibe…but it gets easier and easier and I see my clients attracting higher quality partners over and over again when they follow my teachings. They separate the wheat from the chaff. They focus on the creme de la creme…

Instead of trying to make the milk into cheese BEFORE it’s ready – that just tastes sour.

If he’s not your boyfriend, stop treating him like one. He likely won’t be inspired to be your man if he already gets everything he wants, and you on tap as and when he feels like.

I’ve seen so many women waste their time hoping a guy will step up, falling in love… while their lover still says it’s just casual. Ouch!

But! They cry, ‘he said he might be ready in the future’,  but…’he said he’s never met anyone like me’, but… ‘he said he’s not seeing anyone else’.

None of that means he’s in a relationship with you.

Life has it’s own divine timing, and we are not in control of everything – as much as we’d like to be. But we can speed up our desires manifesting when we:

  • stop choosing things and people that take us off course
  • think feel and act like the woman we desire to become
  • unlock our hearts to receive love without fear
  • take aligned action.


So where can you create space for what you TRUELY desire in your life… and know that you ARE enough, and stop wasting time with those who are lukewarm?

Here’s the link to cherished >>

Don’t delay, it’s the smart woman’s guide to dating with heart, soul, and no bullshit.

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