The 4 Single Archetype Personas – The Sultry Dreamer


I developed the 4 Single Archetype Persona’s from working with women all over the world.

I found some core feelings, behaviours and beliefs that were keeping the women who came to me for dating & love coaching feeling stuck in love, and they often fell into one of 4 categories. A woman may feel she fits more that 1 archetype persona, yet usually leads with one main one. Of course, this is not exhaustive and cannot cover every individual experience…

Yet, I found that when women understood their archetype persona, not only did they gain more insight into why they felt stuck in love, it provided solid ground to create healthy changes that resulted in creating healthy, joyful relationships.

Of course, we are all individuals and life and love has many moving parts – and my clients have found these very helpful in their journey to true authentic love. To understand themselves better, and why they may be stuck in love.

Maybe it will give you some insight?

There are 4 Single Archetype Personas: Clever Clueless, The Sultry Dreamer, Golden Go Getter & The Noble Nurturer. (Take the Why Am I Still Single Quiz)

Today I’ll talk about:

The Sultry Dreamer

The Sultry Dreamer is often a lady who get lots of attention from prospective partners, but they often settle for the wrong ones.

They find themselves situationships, non committal ‘it’s complicated’ situations, or sometimes they end up being the side chick. Knowingly or unknowingly.

A big part of this is that deep, deep down she doesn’t believe that she can have what she really truly desires in love, often because it hasn’t been easy for her in the past.

Sultry Dreamer is usually very beautiful, a woman who turns heads. It’s not just the way she looks, but her presence and energy too.  She is more likely to lead the connection, or be lead to the connection with sexual energy, and the chemistry that happens between two people.

So when she meets someone and there’s amazing chemistry, she goes off into like a daydream about this person and the situation… “oh my god it’s amazing!” She declares, ” I feel so amazing”. And, whether she knows it or not,  she starts look to this guy for validation, and to fill up on that ‘fireworks’ dreamy feeling.

She oversee’s focusing on the long term compatibility and the deep matching of inner values that creates a long term committed love. The chemistry has her put on blinders  to the things and the places where both their values perhaps don’t align. For example, she knows he’s not actually available because he’s in a relationship with someone else, but the chemistry is amazing and he says all the right things so she daydreams it’s incredible romantic and he will ‘risk it all for true love’.

In reality, he’s not leaving his partner anytime soon, and she is very enamoured by his words.

Sultry Dreamer would progress in love if she focused on actions, not words.


If this is you,  you tend to fall for people’s words, and maybe  more easily swayed by looks as well.

You are the person who says “It’s just because I’m a romantic” …yet you end up in less than romantic situations. You might even say you’re a fool for love, because you want the romantic dream. The problem is you can be more focused on the potential of someone than the reality.

And that’s the piece that really needs to change.

You can tend to dream and project in to the future, what you think the relationship is going to be like or who that person is based on the chemistry, rather than who they actually are. This gets you in trouble over and over and over again.

If you focus on your desired future and the values of someone who aligns with that, you will have much more success in love.

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