How To Heal From Heartbreak

Some of us can spend years trying to figure out why a relationship ended so badly; why a partner suddenly turned nasty, or what on earth you did to deserve such horrible behaviour from someone you loved.
I want to share an entirely different perspective with you, to spiritually reframe your experience in a way that gives you growth and a little more understanding, so you can let go… give YOURSELF the closure you need, and move on.
The person who put you through hell in your life was sent to set you free. 
The shadows you were stuck in (the old unhealthy beliefs about yourself and others);  were running your life under the radar & went undetected until you were face to face with the whirlwind of a toxic relationship.
An alcoholic, workaholic, addict, angry, stone walling or manipulative person.
This person is an angel disguised as devil. 
This angel, and you agreed a long time before you arrived in this world that they would play a role that would help to wake you up, as when you lived you life, you would fall under the veil of illusion.
The illusion that you are not worthy of being treated like a Queen. The illusion that you are trapped. The illusion that you are not able to stand in your own power.
Before you and they, cam e in to this world – in the astral realms of worlds beyond worlds, they asked you to remember, and not forget, that you and they are friends, first and foremost. 
They were to undertake a special role. You might forget, so remember, to remember. 
We agreed before we came.
They come to set you free from the limitations you could not see.
The places you put up with people who let you down, betray you or blame you for their pain. The places you try to save others at the expense of yourself. The anger you buried from childhood. The insecurity you thought you had left in your teens.
They were the perfect partner for you.
This is the karmic connection, and why it was always meant to be as it was. Until it was time to be set free.
Give thanks for you choosing your freedom.
Evolve, so you do not repeat the lesson. It’s not about blaming, but choosing a new life and trajectory for yourself. One that puts you on course for happiness.
And thank them .

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