Why Am I Still Single? … The 4 Single Archetype Personas


After working with many women all over the world who have felt stuck in love; and really can’t work out why their friends seem to have great success in love – yet they are usually the single one at the table, or in some kind of ‘situationship’ , or attached to someone who’s unavailable… I discovered that there are 4 main single archetype personas that explain why a woman stays stuck single or unhappy in relationships.

Not only does knowing your Single Archetype Persona help you understand more about why your relationships don’t seem to match up to the success in the rest of your life, it helps you understand what changes you need to make to bring in the love you so desire!

At times you may be blocking true love coming to you, without even knowing it – and this scarily accurate quiz will get to the bottom of what the problem is.

The BEST way to work out which one YOU are is to TAKE MY QUIZ.

Sometimes you may identify with elements of 2 archetypes that overlap slightly, but you will likely lead in your intimate relationships & dating with one predominant archetype – and knowing this can help you make better decisions in love, and it can make all the difference on deciding WHERE to put your focus, and what inner work will have the biggest results when it comes to attracting your soulmate; & keeping them for good.

Here’s a quick over view below. There’s much more to this, and more indepth suggestions available for you in the quiz, so make sure you take that easy and quick quiz


The Clever Clueless

She has no idea what to do with men, and does not have a good blueprint for men or healthy relationships. She is often single for long periods of time. Does not tend to get a lot of attention from men, & gets friend zoned. 

She can start to break out of this by:

  • Allow herself to be more open with men & speak out where she usually shuts down
  • Needs to learn about male dating psychology, and understand the world of men better so she can relate to them


The Sultry Dreamer

This lady gets lots of attention but settles for the wrong ones. Perhaps situationships, non committal guys or ends up the side chick as deep down, she doesn’t believe she can have what she really, truely wants as it hasn’t come easy.  She is usually noticeably beautiful, and / or knows how to make the best of her assets. 

If this is you, you can start to change this by:

  • Leading your connections with your true desires for connection & commitment rather than your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is welcome, but it should be secondary to how you present yourself as a high value woman.
  • Don’t sweep red flags under the carpet because they seem so perfect in every other way. This will get you in trouble again.


The Golden Go Getter

This lady wants everything just how SHE likes it, on her time frame. She likes to suggest where to go, leads the relationship trajectory towards her goal, and often finds that she is again contributing more to the relationship or the man isn’t really ‘stepping up’ in the way she desired. Dating / relationship tends to go in cycles of 3/5 months  – then they disappear. They enjoyed her energy but don’t want to commit. She may put on a brave face, but deep down she is hurting and confused. 

How she can start to change things:

  • Learn how to express your desires in a highly feminine way WITHOUT expectation to open your heart and connect from the heart level with a man instead of your head.
  • Address your control issues (that you may not even know you have, hello). Why do you need things to be as you want them all the time, what is the fear of going with the flow?


The Noble Nurturer

At times, this good hearted lady she attracts broken men, or men in a transitory stage such as divorce, in-between jobs, or they are at a very different stage of life than she is career wise, money wise, or focus wise. They may have an addiction, health issue, or job loss, and she finds herself in helper and rescuer mode. She hopes she can love or encourage someone enough to have a breakthrough and fulfil their full potential. 

She’s usually ‘doing more’ than her partner.

What she can do about it:

  • You really have to learn to be clear about what you want in life and relationship and consider what kind of person you can get there with
  • Resolve the feelings that have you feeling guilty if you are not always available to help


Which one do you think you are? Put it to the test, take the QUIZ!


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