Getting Your Sexy Back. A 6 step by step guide to wake up your pu$$y!



There’s so many reasons you can start to feel disconnected from your sensuality. Stress. Pregnancy ( hello surprise hormones!). New baby. Illness. Body image. Crappy diet. Relationship issues…

It’s all to easy to wonder where there hell your se$y went, and be too damn exhausted to even go looking for it. Yet, women who are at their best are vital, luminous, energised and connected to their sensuality.

Most people rely on outside sources to kick start their turn on – just hoping and waiting for a change, to just feel better, more turned on, or a partner to do …. well… something … – but the truth is you need to take the bull by the horns and ride it yourself, darling.

Let’s think logically – it’s your body after all, your power is in your hands. So use it! It’s pretty damaging to simply hope and wait for things to change – because let’s face it – you can be waiting a long time. The vitality your sensual flow gives you will power you in other areas of your life.

People think that as a love and intimacy coach I must NEVER have any issues in this area, but that just wouldn’t be human. Instead of continuing to berate myself for not being perfect I use the tools to awaken my vitality.

Do these steps to wake up your Vag, your pumpum, your energy!:

1. Sexy dance for yourself at home when no one is watching. Dance naked, dance in your pants, you don’t have to feel sexy just MOVE your body. Move the stagnant energy. Move the sadness and let yourself cry, get angry, feel stupid, just move through it all – I promise you will feel better.

2. Then do some pelvic pumps or shaking. Like, get that blood flow into your pelvis so you remember how to feel there. If you’re lucky you’ll get a wee tingle and already be starting to feel better. Zing!

3. Shower, shave (if thats what you like) cream your body slowly and lovingly.

4. Self pleasure. Grab some coconut oil – lay down a towel and play with your body. Stroke, caress, connect. The goal isn’t O. But if that happens, wonderful! Instead focus on how much pleasure you can feel.

5. Put on a beautiful dress or piece of clothing you adore and feel great in. Choose vibrant colours. Decorate yourself with jewellery, hair pieces, sparkly body jewellery.

6. Listen to great music as you go about your day that UPLIFTS YOU. Play 70’s, 80’s, 90’s fun music or anything that makes you feel se$y.

You will feel lighter, brighter, more connected to yourself and more awake within.

We all have dips. The question is do you know how to recover quickly?

I help women ignite love and sensuality in their lives – in a long term relationship, as an abuse survivor, or just when they feel disconnected or afraid of their sensuality. I have a space available for my mentorship: BLOSSOM & BLOOM if you would like to Awaken love and intimacy in your life – you can apply here:

Or have a look at my 3 part online Masterclass series: The Permission – to activate your sacred se&uality:

n.b If you wonder why some words are not written out fully – it’s because I share my work via social media channels that actively suppress this kind of education unfortunately. I’m more interested in reaching as many women as possible.

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