What does relationship coaching actually do?



Unfortunately, despite the reality that very few of us had any or a decent education about how relationships work, the difference in how men and women are and have been conditioned to be, and how to coexist peacefully with another human who may be really quite different from you — SO many people resist coaching around their relationships until absolute disaster strikes (again!!). EEK!

You know yourself that if your relationship is feeling ‘off’ you feel ‘off’ across the board – it affects us on such a deep level; so deep that we can tend to hide our difficulties as if they are a direct reflection on who we are as a person – which simply isn’t true.

If you wanted to run a highly successful business, you can do it one of 2 ways.

  1. Keep guessing. Keep making mistakes. Maybe you’ll go bankrupt, but you’ll learn some valuable lessons. Maybe you’ll learn how to keep a business afloat through trial and error and make just enough to get by and take a holiday once a year, which you’ll need and deserve after all that work.

2.  Stop guessing and find out what actually works. Investigate, how did others do it? What are the best methods?  What are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the strategies you need for passive income? How can you work less and get paid more? You could make more money than you knew possible!


If you prefer to find out what works, rather than a life time of trial and error relationship coaching will give you a lot.

– Understand what a healthy relationship looks and feels like and adopt healthy relationship behaviours.

( This is particularly important if you experienced childhood abuse of any sort, or grew up in a difficult home)


– Learn how to communicate through conflict. Communicate your desires AND triggers.

( It’s what keeps a relationship together)


– Stop being the victim of life, and start being the star role who finally gets the break they’ve been waiting for.


– Techniques to manage anxiety, self sabotage, & irrational fear in love and dating

( For your own peace of mind and to prevent sabotage of the relationship)


– Understand HOW to attract a healthy partner and how this is completely under your control and not the fate of a dating app 


– Understand what wound you are trying to heal through relationships and heal it yourself so your relationship can be a place for play not pain


– Understand HOW to date so you always feel like you are winning, no matter what (circular, use as training ground, not a hunting ground)


– Radically transform love, sex and dating.


– For Alpha women – how to create successful relationships with masculine men, even if you are  highly paid, driven, have sucked at relationships or kinda anxious.


Essentially, when you do choose a partner, you are likely choosing for a long term connection – so the skills to navigate this are essential to your happiness and the future of a connected and continually loving relationship. Why? SHIT HAPPENS!!!

No matter how perfect you think they are, or you are – you will need tools to navigate the ups and and down and to choose a healthy partner in the first place so you can create a healthy relationship together. If you keep picking toxic lovers …. you need to realise it’s YOU that’s doing the picking.

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