Masculine and Feminine relationship talk in non hetero relationships



About 1/3rd of my clients self identify as queer or gay. A lot of my posts relate to women seeking men as these are the questions I get asked most often publicly, yet in my personal life I get a lot of direct referrals from friends, and friends of friends and we are generally a non conformist bunch of souls politically, sexually & personally 😁

So masculine and feminine does not equate to man and woman. And many people believe that they are one and the same. 

I work a lot with people around awakening their inner feminine. We have lived in a society for thousands of years that has generally not respected the feminine essence, or the qualities of woman and feminine apart from that deemed useful to males.

Youth, submissiveness, & service have been championed. Sexuality exploited, desired and simultaneously demonised.

The strength & wisdom of the crone (post menopausal ) , the magical black light creativity of the womb, and the fiery potency of emotion… reduced.

In the same way the divinity of the masculine that provides for community has been reduced dramatically as we have moved into an individualist mindset. The mysticism of men has been reduced. The authentic emotion of men has been reduced and some of my work is to guide men back into their authentic power and innate wisdom. From this place they make the best decisions in love and sex.

Of course, I do not teach men about ‘masculine’. The basis of my work is more about becoming a sovereign being – what have you learned in life that you THINK is you, but is actually just learned behaviour, and the greater you underneath has direct access to Truth.

Masculine and feminine are inner energies and qualities that each human soul has access to, and our innate and LEARNED tendencies will dictate how we / or these qualities show up in the world. We need BOTH to be healthy.

True spiritual growth, personally and in relationships require us to access both energies. Generally the masculine is a giving and directed energy, the stillness and consciousness, the container, provider. The feminine is our ability to receive, cooperate, community, nurture, and flexibility, it is life force itself.



Can you access these qualities? Can you let yourself be loved healthily? Or are you happiest when in control of giving?  Regardless of your sexual preference, the question is are you afraid of not being in control? (over masc, weak fem ) Do you lack appropriate boundaries (weak masc) Are you able to share you heart and truth ( strong fem ) can you go with the flow of relationship or do you always need to know (weak fem)

Did you have a parent that left you with a bitter taste or confusion about what masculine or feminine means, or what it means to be male or female bodied? These are questions we ALL must answer as we evolve in greater, authentic love because it affects HOW we give and receive love.

The inner marriage of feminine and masculine is the ULTIMATE evolution. To give & receive with LOVE so that we rise in love together. And that means that there is space for both within 🙏

When I’m working with my clients, its only one part of the work that looks at deepening our healthy relationship to the masculine and feminine. What you are attracting in your relationships is often a mirror for what is going on inside of you.

Do you feel able to open your heart and speak your truth to the person you desire?

Are you able to receive your person’s love and affection, or do you have a cut off where it feels too much, and you switch to giving or doing instead?

If you are attracting wounded men, is your own inner masculine wounded?

If you are attracting wounded and manipulative women – how was your relationship with your own mother? Do you trust women? What do you really believe about women – do you respect them? Is there a part of you that feels hurt that you are not yet seeing?

The masculine and feminine principles are a path to look at our deeper beliefs about life, love and people – and quite simply this relates to all of life – not gender. These principles show you whether you can receive from life – love, money, friendship. Or whether you have the courage to go for what you really want.

What are the qualities that you would like to enhance in life?

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