3 Top Tips To Get Your Sexy On

We could all use a boost to get our fizzle on sometimes. Strong, powerful women usually have a lot on their plate to manage and feeling sexy can kinda get lost in it all. Sure, you can slap on some lippy and a nice dress.. but that’s different to actually feeling like a sex kitten. 
These 3 easy tips will get you quickly into FEELING sexy… careful with it mami, don’t hurt ’em! 

1.  Pussy Playlist

Music is a powerful way to influence feelings. Make a playlist of the sexiest songs you can think of. Dig deep in to your music collection and bring out those songs from years ago that give you the feels. it should make you go…
mmmmmm, damn…
when you hear it. 
Absolutely no break up songs, where is my lover songs, woe is me songs – just sexy, raw, sensual and gorgeous love + sex songs. 
I’m currently OBSESSED with Bowie’s – Right. 
I love Jill Scott – Crown Royal ( has to be on replay as it’s 2 minutes of sexual ecstasy)
Madonna – Justify my love
LL Cool J – Do It
Rhian Benson ft Slum Villiage and Dwele – Say How I feel. And for that matter Slum Vill – 2u4u is still sexy as hell. 
I better stop, phew! 
Let the music seep in to your body and feelings, let it switch your mood all the way up to sexy. Get that playlist on your phone and tune in when you need a pep up. 

2. Slow Your Roll

I know you’re busy and work is hectic and kids need feeding and all that, but you gotta find a way to slow your roll. 
i do this when I’m taking the walk to the bathroom in my office ( it’s a little walk for my office) and it gives me chance to check in with my body and bring relaxation in to my body. Even if for 2 minutes. 
Walk slower, move slower. Don’t just power walk everywhere you need to go; slow your roll girl. 
That power walk is masculine energy. Nothing wrong with that when you need to get something done, but it won’t make you feel sexy. Slow down and let em see what you got! 
As you slow down your walk and breathing, and actually take the time to take in your surroundings you will notice people are attracted to looking at you, because your energy is warm and calm. You can actually get chance to connect with passers by… and gorgeous men, lol, because you’re present and available to connect with life rather than just rushing through it. 
But more on that in my Feminine Radiance course > HERE
Slow deep breaths, slow sensual walk = sexy you. 

3. Root Chakra Asana

When I teach Aphrodite Yoga in London ( which is ALL about getting your sexy on check my FB Page HERE  ) we spend time generating energy in the root and sacral chakra, with breath, intention and movement. The Muladhara (root chakra) is like the battery pack for the body energy and orgasmic energy. Holding root chakra asanas can increase the strength of your orgasm and the level of orgasmic energy available to you in your body, and therefore your sex drive.
Swadistana (sacra chakra) is related to your sexual energy, increasing the energy here can help to clear any blockages and strengthen a healthy sexual energy flow. It is also the level of consciousness for relationships, so will assist in drawing love to you or strengthening your connection to your partner when in a healthy balanced state. 
See below: Malasana (squat pose), Baddakonasana (bound pose) Ecka Pada Raja Kapotasanan (king /pidgeon) Salabasana (locust)
Spend a good few minutes in each – although it probably won’t be as easy in locust pose – do what you can there! Breathe slowly and focus on breathing energy into the pelvis. 

So go ahead, enjoy these tips and get your sexy on! 


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