Manifestation as a path to soul growth


I just completed a free 5 day Manifest! challenge and it was a MAHOOSIVE success –  with job offers, family reconnection, past life healing, good vibe feelings, and money manifesting all the way for the participants after only day 2.

If you missed it, you certainly missed out! 

It’s so magic to share in other people’s joy. 

I received so many emails and private messages from people, not just about their wins, but about how grateful they were for the information. I am very direct in my delivery of , well, everything, and always keep it real.

And the reality is, no matter how great you become at manifesting, life is about expansion and life gives you a curveball sometimes. During the 5 days of lifestream, I received 2 such curveballs and got to work through these live with the participants. The universe was certainly asking me to walk my talk!! 
I did it because simply; people keep asking me how a yoga teacher and healer manifests a cushty apartment, 3 months in Hawai’i, paid speaking gigs and fancy office space and trips to Senegal and still manages a cocktail or 2, lol.

They know I’m not ‘rich’ in the traditional sense, yet I am incredibly prosperous. I have a lot of personal freedom. I travel a lot. I love my work. I’m almost always happy; and they wonder what drugs I’m on. Because somewhere along the line, we started to believe that being happy isn’t normal. 
Try telling that to an innocent child!

Of course, that does’t mean I don’t have any challenges; or that every area of my life is operating at level 10 Angelic realm perfection. Oh no. And I think transparency is really important here. Humans tend to like to make things black or white. But life isn’t like that. I don’t bullshit people, I can’t do it. I will walk you through my wins, and my curveballs and show how I get through them both.

Life is great. I AM blessed.  

And this week my painter bailed on the morning he was supposed to turn up. I cried. Felt sorry for myself, then did it myself, kept the money and paid off my trip to Senegal. I’m knackered, but happy. When I think of going to West Africa, my heart smiles. 

The thing is, I am using manifestation as a path of soul growth. As an indicator of what I believe about what I am worth, to show me where my fears are, and to elevate the Divine in me to be revealed.

I have come to believe abundance is our birthright.

I have however, and still am in some ways,  overcoming difficult experiences in my life that had me thinking: ‘I am not good enough, great things are for other people, I will always struggle, and people aren’t trustworthy’ to name just a few of the negative conscious and subconscious beliefs I’ve held.
You may have conditioned beliefs from long, long ago that are keeping you from your full soul expression. This conditioning is what keeps you small, keeps you broke, keeps you lonely. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s because it is not what your soul believes about you. 

In order to up level my life, and align with the greatness innate me, I had to look at the truth of my belief system to align and then receive my desires. I had to learn about God’s timing. I needed to practice trust, and when I did, boy, doors FLEW OPEN.

I have decided to focus on the divinity of my soul, and with love, release all that isn’t in alignment with the most high’s blueprint for my life. So that, when I focus my HEART on my DESIRES not just my mind, I can allow God’s goodness to flow to me in avalanches of abundance.

I have learned how to listen to the impulses of my spirit and follow them, even when i don’t understand, and it’s taken me years to really grasp that. I had a lot of programming to take off my hard drive, it was slowing my brain computer down and causing freeze screen!  

I acknowledge that the Most High is in me, and is in you, and we are all on this path back to the light. We are born into this world with amnesia about our spiritual origins, but as we learn and grow hopefully we realise that chasing all the material gains of the world will never really fulfil us without love and connection. 

So my basis is love and connection, and from there, I want to have fun with the stuff of the world and experience wonderful things. For me, travel is huge. I need the ocean. She calls me and I go. 
There is so much to experience in this life, and I don’t want to miss the experience because of a belief my parents passed on to me, or my community, or the media.

On my retreats and some workshops I teach soul goal planning. I want to come from my heart and soul path, not just the mind, and when we do this life feels SO GOOD. 

I have a 3 class Manifestion Course,  where I will teach you everything I know and all that I personally DO to manifest great things in my life. It’s online.  We’ll look at alignment, vibration, staying focused in wobbly times and soul goals. We’ll blast blocks and set you on the right path. I will give you powerful tools, the ones I use, to program your subconscious to attract what you desire. 

This is not – blink your eyes and a Farrari appears kind of talk. Good luck with all of that. Instead you will learn how to listen in to your body’s wisdom and take inspired action.

You will learn how to stay in a high and clear vibrational state so you can become a magnet to goodness. 

If you are ready, and willing to up level your life, then join the Masterclass. It will be ready soon, so get on my email list over at to get notified when it goes live. 

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