How To Create Social Impact (without leaving your job)

You have been given a gift that can create positive change in this world – but it has been hidden in plain sight.

You have something special, and unique to you that can make a difference in people’s lives, but are you using it?
The thing is, most people think having a social impact means shivering in a tent at an anti-fracking site; working for a huge national charity, or leaving your job to volunteer in a war torn country. These are fantastic, and not the only way.
The challenges you have been through in your life have equipped you with a unique set of skills, understanding and compassion in an area where someone needs help. It’s given you a fire in your belly – a fire that can be used to fuel the force of change.
We tend to close the door on the untidy parts of our lives, especially when they have given us pain, hoping no one will discover just how hurt we were.
But they can hold the key to your impact in the world.

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