Help for Star Seeds

There’s so much info on the web about Star Seeds, some great, some not, but very little help for Star Seeds. Recently I’ve had some beautiful and engaging conversations with others who identify as Star Seeds who were really struggling to understand why they feel they way they do – like they don’t belong, like they want to go home, and overwhelmed. And what to do next. 

What is a Star Seed?

Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth. 

“Most starseeds feel a sense of misplacement, like they were “aliens” dropped here on Earth without a compass, so they harbor a sense of emptiness and longing to find or go back to their “true home.” – Star Seed Alliance

There’s a 30 point checklist HERE of commonly agreed characteristics. There’s so much information on this I don’t want to cover old ground, I want to help you get grounded and feel better babe 🙂
I have to say at this point, that some of these characterics also point to unresolved present life issues. I do come across people who want to focus on past lives & Star Seed talk etc instead of focusing on what they need to deal with in their own present life to feel better! 

That said, if you identify as a Star Seed but you’re struggling with a sense of isolation, overwhelmed with the current energy on the planet, or the changes you’re going through help is at hand! 

When your experience is so far removed from what we’re conditioned to believe in ‘normal’  and you feel worried about whether you’re losing your marbles, it’s good to feel that the changes are actually normal for you. It’s said that Star Seeds have an internal timer to wake them up to who they are, I feel this has activated for many people in the last few years and will do for some years to come. 

Your perceptions and beliefs may be changing, or have always been different to the majority. If you’re experiencing inner turbulence there are some things you can do to feel better. 

     1. Be around other Star Seeds or likeminded people. 

We’re really lucky to be in a time where we can easily meet with others. Facebook + meet have groups, pages and events dedicated to Star Seeds. Go to a friendly meet up to hang out with other people who are like minded. You will learn so much about yourself and about others. It’s lovely to have some real conversations and AHA moments with others who feel just the same as you. You’re not on your own. 
This is a HUGE step in feeling better if you’ve been feeling a little lost; being in community with like minded people is invaluable. Go and look, it is out there, and you will start to feel heard, understood and comforted!

    2. Embrace the changes

When it’s your time to awaken to who you really are, it can be a bit scary, and feel a bit weird! You may question your life + if this is really ‘happening’. You may grow away from jobs and relationships as you discover yourself on a deeper level and want different things. 

Your spiritual gifts may begin to blossom, or you may become overwhelmed with other people’s negative energy all of a sudden. But a big part of the challenge is your own sense of identity. Hanging on to the identity or story of who you think you are (or were) can cause confusion and fear as you start to wonder if you know who you are anymore! You are changing rapidly and you can’t keep up with yourself. Sometimes the old you is falling away but the new you has not yet fully emerged. This can be really hard, as it kinda feels like free falling and hoping you’ll have a soft landing!

If you can embrace this as a normal and planned part of your spiritual awakening it’s a bit easier to deal with (and are around other people who you can talk candidly about it to!) It’s not easy, and over the next few years you may be on a wave of discovery, to find the full depths of beautiful you. In short, there may be ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel amazing, other times, erm no. Change is certain. Don’t cling too tightly. 

Many of the changes are internal, they may not be visible on the outside but internally you may be going through many challenges as the external world appears to stay the same. You may feel vulnerable as you start to emerge as a new version of yourself, it may take a little time to learn how to interact with the people around you in a new way.  Roll with it best you can as you get support to blossom into an even more wonderful version of yourself

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   3. Embrace your uniqueness

You are different from the masses. You think different, you feel different, you want different things. This is OK. Instead of trying to fit in, embrace your uniqueness. You are here for a reason! To anchor light vibration. You’re not supposed to be like everyone else. The best thing you can do is accept this. 
Let your weird light shine so the other wierdos know how to find you!

  4. Feeling like s**t!

There will likely be times when you feel like utter dog s**t. Let’s get real. To elevate and rise up, you must go to the depths of what is weighing you down. Many of us are being called to heal on a VERY deep level. Many of us have incarnated this time to heal bloodlines + ancestral history and past lives, as well as challenging issues in our present life. 
You signed up for this before you came. Shi*e I know, I think most of us had no clue what it actually entails! 
As your spirit is being called to heal: family, personal, relationship & work issues may come up. You may not be able to deal with them in the same way as you used to. It’s time to reach out and get help, healing, counselling, eat healthy foods, meditate and give your attention to your mind, body & spirit.
You may also be very sensitive to negative energy – and there are waves of it on the planet at different times. Sometimes the anxiety, depression or fear may not be your own, but that of the collective consciousness that you are picking up on.
Some times these waves of fear can be the ego – fearing it’s dissolution
Take epsom salt baths to clear your energy field, clear with sage, meditate and plug in to source – bringing divine white light in to your body, exercise and get into nature to recalibrate. Stay away from the news and low vibrational TV, gossipy magazines, and things + people that bring you down.
The good news is as you heal and become clearer and lighter, you are able to embody more high vibrational light. You will become lighter and brighter. Hoo – friggin – ray.

   5. Learn about Star Seeds & spiritual matters

There’s loads of information on line. Some of it’s great some of it’s waffle, you know your experience best and it feels great to know you’re not alone, and that actually there are 1000’s of others just like you. Learn, gather, grow. You might identify with a particular realm or connected to a particular planet; meditate on this to create more connection + you may gain great a sense of comfort. There are some on youtube. 
Read books that feed that your mind, body & spirit and explain the things you want to know about the universe, creation, time space reality, incarnation and Star Seeds, obvs. 
Steve Nobel offers 1 2 1 sessions specifically for Star Seeds

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  6.  Take care of yourself

It’s likely you are quite a sensitive being. Let yourself have the rest you need, quiet time & healing. Also have fun!!! You’re not here to be dead serious and endure this life time. This life has so so much to offer. There’s so much fun to be had, and things to experience. Even if you feel like you should be ‘doing something’ – you are divinely guided. Life will unfold, keep yourself happy and well so that you can be of assistance when needed. 
Laugh, travel, be in nature. Do what makes you happy. It really helps you to ground – and get through those times when the call to leave this Earth life is overwhelming. 
Eat well and avoid too many toxins to keep your body and mind in tip top shape.

  7. Develop a spiritual practice

Developing your own spiritual practice will help to keep you centered. Whatever helps you plug in to source – be it meditation, yoga, prayer, visualisation, walking the dogs to clear your head, getting your hands in the earth with gardening or being in nature. 
Keep that high vibrational energy flowing through you

Stay well xxx I finished this at 01.11 am 😉]]>

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