The Tao Of Tarot (Angels, Oracle + Invocation)


When it comes to Angels, oracle + invocation. That’s my bag, baby. This is the Tao of Tarot done my way.
Readers work in different ways according to their particular gifts, teachers they might have had, levels of psychic ability, cards and culture.

I was told I would or could read for people since my early 20s. Basically every time I saw a medium or a psychic. I didn’t know what they were on about at the time . I knew I was spiritual, but I didn’t know at that time how gifted I was. The thing is, I had some healing to do before I was clear enough to allow these gifts to be fully revealed, or perhaps, for me to focus my energy and attention inward and practice.
After receiving this message numerous times, I thought hmm, maybe, when I’m 80 and bored and have cats? But nope, here I am, still raving (most) weekends and not a Cat sight!
I will walk you through how I work and this may help you when you are practicing reading for yourself.

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There are so many types of oracle cards these days. I use mainly Angel related oracle and Angel tarot. Occasionally traditional tarot, and sometimes uniquely themed cards that represent spirit animals or spiritual principles.

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s a strict right or wrong way to interpret the cards, because there isn’t.
While cards do have specific messages, using your intuition to interpret what it means in a particular context is vital. Because:

  1. We are interpreting the cards.

In the tarot tradition in particular, I have seen people commenting on you tube channels to a reader, saying ‘that is not what the card means – it means this’

Tarot cards do have strong tendencies to a particular meaning, or energy, which in many cases is very helpful to pick out they type of energy that is going on. However in a spread, meaning you a reading a few cards together to see a story emerge, the meaning or story that the card is trying to show you might not be the ‘textbook’ version.

E.g. the 2 of pentacles may represent a decision between 2 things, or juggling too many priorities.
I read the cards as a whole story and pick out various elements. For me as a psychic, the cards are there to give me cues, to help my consciousness pick out the elements of your soul story that is presenting itself to me, so I can plug you in to guidance. If I were only ever just reading the words off an oracle card or giving you a textbook version of what this card means, it may have some relevance to you, but it might miss the richness of truly tapping into your story, and giving you what you need in a deeper way.

I think perhaps this is one of the differences between a good psychic and someone who shuffles a deck and lays out some cards and reads the meanings (kind of mechanically as if from a book)

When you go with the flow of the thoughts and feelings you are having with the inter correlation of the cards, something wonderful begins to happen, and information begins to flow. You can draw the same card in 2 different readings and it has a different meaning because the context is different.

In tarot it tends to be a little less flexible than with oracle cards I feel. When you are reading, trust your interpretation within the boundaries of what the card is showing you.

2. Don’t let everyone manhandle your cards
For clear readings ( as a professional) I was taught by Doreen Virtue not to let people touch my cards. They are very beautiful and people want to pick them up to look closer, but the cards as divination tools pick up energetic imprints that can interfere with the clarity of your next reading.
You can of course clear them ( I’ll tell you how in a minute) but that’s a ball ache if you’re working with multiple decks like I do.
Just be mindful of this, and if people do play with your cards (said the vicar!) be sure to clear them before your next reading

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3. Clear your cards
When you’re bought a new pack, people have been touching your cards, or for some reason they feel a little off ( they can just need a little clearing every now and then if you’ve been using them a lot) here’s how to cleanse your cards.

Put the cards in your non dominant hand and strongly knock on them with your dominant hand ( I’m right handed so I knock with my right ) WITH the intention of clearing any lower, negative or stagnant energy from your cards.
Next, thumb through your deck touching every card with the intention of imprinting your energy on to the cards.
Then, fanning the deck place it over your heart and ask Archangel Michael to connect your heart to the cards, filling them with white light and asking that your readings be “clear, accurate and for the highest good of all”. Visualise this happening.

Ooooh, all sparkly, high vibe, and ready to go.

4. Intention and invocation
Before every reading I say a prayer of intention and I invoke my higher self, angels and guides and that of the person I am reading for.

Your spirit guides are there to help you, not just float around aimlessly while you scratch your bum; but because of the Divine law of free will they won’t intervene with anything you are doing without you asking – unless it’s life threatening.

Doing this, also keeps me safe in the knowledge that I am connecting with the highest vibration, with guidance only from the light, creating a safe, healing, energetic bubble around me and my client.
God, I love doing readings for people!
Here’s the exact prayer I use:

“Archangel Michael, please keep this reading at the highest light and love vibration. I ask my angels, God, guides, to merge with my higher self and that of (clients name) and their higher self and guides to allow me to clearly see hear feel and know messages from the Divine.”

I got these guidelines from Doreen Virtue when I did my training with her. Then I ask my client to mentally ask their Angels and guides to come. Then Off we go!
BONUS TIP: Did you know there are a plethora of unemployed Angels just waiting for jobs?
*** I know!!!!??***

This was a revelation to me when I saw Lorna Byrne at a Hay House conference. Again free will rules, but all you have to do is ask! Pray:

“Angels, please send me an angel to help me with card card readings, an angel to help me develop my gifts!”

And Bob’s your uncle, you have an Angel of your own dedicated to helping you.
How amazing is that!

5. Reading the signs

Being a good reader takes practice. Practice and practice.

Ask for clarification; “does this resonate?” I stay in a place of openness, scan the cards for the messages they are offering and stay open to receiving messages and insights. I have learnt to just speak what is arising in me even if it feels silly or odd, and stay in the flow. I am always rewarded.

You may be particularly attracted to symbols, words, or colours on a card and these have a significant meaning for the reading; go with it and delve into what the universe is trying to show you.
You can receive messages in various ways:

clairvoyance: clear seeing & vision
clairaudience: clear hearing
clairsentience: clear feeling & sensing
clairtangency: clear touch ( getting psychic impressions from objects places)
claircognizance: clear knowing
clairgustance: clear tasting
clairalience: clear smelling

I have a good mix of these but not so much the touch, tasting and smelling. I get clear feelings, visions, just know stuff and sometimes hear words or phrases. I hear this not as an external voice, but like a thought, that doesn’t seem to be from me.

When I’m in the flow I’m just chatting away, as conversation flows from me. I explain when I can feel tension in my tummy, or excitement around a situation.

How we read the signs is an indivudual process. There are common interpretations of some symbols, but for me a snake may mean ‘healing’ for another reader it may mean ‘a snake in the grass’.
Go with your thoughts and feelings and check in with the client. Sometimes it might take a minute to get the hang of what it is you’re being shown – to work out what the symbol is trying to tell you. At times, I know I should ask the client what it means to them, and I would say:
“this snake is significant, what does that mean for you”
and they may respond with “yes that’s what we call my little sister” – in a reading about family dynamics for instance.

candles 1
6. Cutting cords.
I always cut any energetic cords that may have connected me and the client during the reading, as you connect to their energy system to receive messages you want to make sure you have parted ways nicely and don’t receive any more messages, and keep your own energy as it should be, for you.
I do this by simply silently stating at the end of the readingĀ 

“Archangel Michael, cut any energetic cords between me and (clients name) , or just AA Michael, cut cords with ( clients name)”

7. Nothing is set in stone
The future is not set in stone. We have paths of future potentiality based on our past and present.
When you are giving a reading you are usually picking up the dominant potential path based on the current behaviour and circumstances. Your decisions based on what your hear in a reading can change that potential outcome for you, if you decide to take action and change where the road is currently heading.
There are many moving parts that make up your life experience, your path can change as you do, especially if you are on a healing path and clearing away karma and negative behavioural patterns. Your reading may indicate an offer of love, but if you are not ready you don’t have to take it.We all have free will.

I do believe though a good card reading can be fantastic to gain clarity And guidance in any area of your life. I often combine mine with a spiritual coaching session, giving actionable plans to move you ahead in your chosen direction.

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