My 1st first past life regression experience.

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Today I had my first full past life regression. Wowzers!
My regressionist was an experienced hypnotist named Kavits Chahel. She had a lovely soothing voice, and I get very safe with her.
I have a little knowledge about past life regression but not a lot, I’ve never really been attracted to it to be honest, I’d much rather deal with the here and now.
However, I have definitely come across past lives in healing sessions, both when I’ve received them and when I’ve given them, and it helped to send healing energy there.
I don’t get plugged too much into ‘who was I in a past life??’  because generally, we’ve been ALL of it, the good, the bad, male, female, all over the world, rich and poor –  that said, perhaps we can find threads of experience, particular gifts, or realisations that can make sense of how we feel now. I have been a healer for many lifetimes. I have working on my personal healing to recover some of my gifts that are innate and  more easily expressed by this soul.
Gosh, it’s like an amazing cosmic swirling rabbit hole of stuff, isn’t it!
Recently, I had a short energy clearing session with a chap called Nick Le Clare and it immediately plugged into a past life. I was a native american woman who had fallen in love with a man from a neighbouring tribe. He had sought information from me unknowingly and later their tribe massacred ours based on this information.
Teepees under full moon in blue sky
Betrayal. And I had carried this energy, fear, and resentment for lifetimes.
Hmmm. Indeed.
I was immediately reminded of a Peyote ceremony a year earlier, where I’d had a really, really hard time. I saw was blood, massacre, murder and horror; for hours. I was tormented and in emotional agony that night, I felt completely helpless. I was literally rolling around crying in sheer horror. Helpless horror.
I needed a break from the medicine for a while after that. I couldn’t make any sense of it, or some of the other experiences I’d had. A year later when the universe guided me to a short interaction with Nick, quite by ‘chance’, it started to make sense. It piqued my interest about how past life healing may benefit me if I focused on it.
Back to the regression.
She soothed me into relaxation, my body was heavy but I was fully aware that I was awake but in a deep relaxation state. In my mind’s eye she lead me down a staircase, to a safe room where my higher self resided, then to a door. I had a hard time opening the door, and when I did things weren’t very clear. I couldn’t see much about where I was, just a window and a girl sat scared in a corner.
After Kavitha asked me a few questions, I could see a scene in my minds eye. A man was carrying a woman across the room by her throat.
“I am a man with violent tendancies” I said. “I was full of rage. I think I killed my wife” I spoke, though I didn’t know where this information was coming from. Kavits took me to the point of his death, I was being brutally beaten to death. I was full of hate, I hated life, I hated people. So much hate. This was my most previous life. It felt connected to my family, I reported.
I cut to another life.
‘That man had a terrible childhood” I said with conviction.
Now, I was a young european girl looking out to a field. I was happy, and free, and I felt fantastic. Gosh how wonderful it was to feel, so… free. Free of worry, I thought to myself, Gosh, is this how it feel to not have a care in the world?? I was late teens I think and I had a nice family. A brother who was funny, a nice mum, but my dad was moody and distant.
“Do you recognise any of these people as being in your life now”, Kavits asked. “My bother, I think is my brother now, at least he is how i imagine him to be if he is well. My mum is who my dad is now. Different personality. I don’t know what that father is”.
To get to the reason my subconscious was showing me this life, K asked me who I was , what I doing and to watch my life like a movie. I could pick out I was an attractive woman trying to make it in showbusiness. People called me buttercup. It was hard to see her life. She had been sexually assaulted by a businessman. Thank goodness I didn’t see the details. The hardest moment for her was when she had a miscarriage, she was bleeding heavily and all alone and felt no one loved her. As her life progressed she felt worthless and as if she did not matter. I think she killed herself, I announced. When Kavits took me to her death I saw me/her injecting herself in the wrist with some sort of drug. She had killed herself because she felt so wretched.
“Oh that’s amazing” I exclaimed.
“How do you feel” asked Kavits
“Relief! Wow such relief! Amazing! I can see why anyone would take heroin, what relief.” If you felt so bad inside and then you could feel like this, wow, I said, what a way to go this is great. I totally got why so many people who have been abused, or traumatised would take to this drug. I felt instant relief. I was glad to die. I was glad just to feel good.
Kavits reminded me, that although I was feeling this relief, I was not healed from my pain, and I took this pain with me to the next life – when I had incarnated as the man with violent tendencies.
She asked if I would like to send some healing to her and call back the soul parts of me that had left in the assault, like a soul retrieval. I of course agreed and brought in white light to her being, bringing back her self esteem and self assurance. Calling on Jesus, and Mother Mary and Angels and guides.
It’s… a funny one to explain. The human part of me doesn’t know how this is happening, doesn’t know it is that such pain can be healed in this process. There are no words that can fully shift this sort of pain, only the light and love of the Divine it seems. I’ve been shown this a number of times, and I sigh a huge sigh of relief that we have access to such healing. Thank you great spirit. Reconnection with the divine seems to lift the heart and soul where words cannot to a higher vibration. Lord I signed up for a f**k tonne of healing in this life time didn’t I!
‘Why did you choose this life?” she asked (the violent man one) “I wanted to hurt people” I said ( oh dear that’s not very nice is it!) At this point my mind wanted to work things out – how could I, in an in between life state have such feelings, wasn’t I fully present in the light of God? What was happening karmically here? I pressed further, really, what did I choose that life? I couldn’t make it out.
I saw myself incarnate into the womb, I realised that I didn’t really know what was coming – the kind of life I would lead. As this man, Jonathan, my happiest memory was being 2 years old and feeling safe and loved. My worst was being brutally sexually assaulted as a 9 year old boy.
“I hate humans” I said aloud crying “they’re disgusting creatures, they’re vile”
I was already mistreated as a child in that life, I could see, but from that point I felt no longer human, worthless, like I didn’t exist and rage began to bubble. I found a job when I grew up where I could boss people around. I was violent at times. Full of hate, angry.
I  took him to my safe space to be healed. Kavits asked which parts of his body needed healing and I immediately reeled off the places where there were broken bones, tendons and muscles from all he had endured during his life and at his death. I sent  him so much love. He was full of rage because of his hideous experiences and it had turned him into a hate filled man. I felt deep compassion, and called everything holy to heal him- Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangels, Ganesh, guides and light spirits as well as my higher self to fill him with divine white light.
I felt an area covering the whole of my chest where this was affecting me in this present life- a huge hole in my chest. I filled it with divine white light. It was time to heal.
I was being shown an African mask, and heard “come back to the African mask, come back to the African mask”.
I followed this, and saw myself as a man. I felt so very relaxed and happy, I was with my friends sat on the ground with my arm propped on my right knee. I was strong and slim. A good warrior. The ground beneath me was dry but there were trees and green surrounding us. I’m not sure which country in Africa I was in. I had a wife, she was just lovely. I saw her wonderful smile, She was happy and relaxed, and beautiful, we had a child, actually maybe we had 2. I was a good father. I was happy, I had a good life.  We were just beaming.
acacia tree
Kavits took me to the time I transitioned out of my body. I was 63 and sturdy. I was surrounded by people who were singing to me. I knew I was about to die and I was ready. I felt no fear. I saw myself leave my body and looked down on them and cried tear of joy
“That’s so beautiful” I said “They really love me. Now I feel sad, I don’t want to leave them”
This was just a very beautiful experience, to see and feel so satisfied, I felt so content and happy in my heart. Gosh what a beautiful way to pass over I thought, everyone should have this.
Kavits took me to the place where  was choosing my next life. I was going into the incarnation as ‘buttercup’. I wanted to know what it was like to live in the west, to be white, to ride in automobiles, to live that version of life. I think I was going into the 20’s, or I would become an adult at that time. I was curious.
Cavities asked me what else I needed to do before we finished. I felt like someone was tapping very hard on my head! We followed it
”Another shaman has put some sort of hex or energy blockage on me” I stated
I saw myself as a small baby somewhere in the forest. I don’t know what part of the world. I was bundled up in a crib, just 3 weeks old. This shaman had seen my light. I was a full on 3 week old light force, just beaming beautifully. Full of life. But now i felt as though my head was being squashed. “He’s cutting off my connection, he’s putting a block on my energy” I said.
“How many lifetimes ago” Kavits asked. “52” I instantly replied.
She asked me to call the spirit of the person who had done this. He was now in a more elevated state of being in the non-physical, and calmly stated “I shouldn’t have done that”. He wasn’t remorseful, just factual. I asked him to remove it, or show me how, which me did, he pulled it back in to himself, the energy that had been expended
(F**kin’ ell, it’s like Star Wars this)
He gave me a gift of something into my heart. He said he could be an ally to me in this life, but I declined his polite offer. No thanks ” I don’t trust him enough!!” I said aloud. I thanked him for rectifying this issue and sent him on his way.
Kavits brought me to meet my higher self and ask what the common threads of these lives were, and it was stated the cycle is broke,  then I back in to the present moment, from a very deep trance state, and suggested I may get more insights floating in over the next couple of weeks.
Wow , wow! wow! – that’s all I could say, and thank you, thank you!!
Afterwards I felt amazing. I was happy, and joyful and beamingly positive – I just want to enjoy my life I thought. I felt relaxed, with positive expectations. I just want to enjoy the life I have, and feel good and happy and free..

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