What is a cacao ceremony?

<![CDATA[What is a cacao ceremony?
I often am asked, Jay, what is a cacao ceremony?
What happens? Why should I do it? C,mon is it a real thing? For those who have never heard of this ancient art of healing, they understandably wonder how a ‘hot chocolate’ can heal their heart.
Ceremonial cacao is definitely NOT your average ‘hot chocolate’.
In ancient Mayan and Aztec royal and religious events, cacao has been used in a ceremonial fashion for many thousands of years.  It was revered as “the food of the Gods”;  working as a powerful heart opener and invoking a state of higher consciousness when used ceremonially by shamans and healers.
It was also often used as an aphrodisiac, enhancing bliss and orgasmic pleasure.
Ceremony is key here. The intention and purposeful action together create a powerful, spiritual medicine. I call the spirit of the medicine, I often sing, and sing mantra to infuse the cacao with healing energy.
Energy flows where attention goes…
Cacao is a non psychoactive plant medicine. While there is much talk of Ayahuasca, Peyote, Iboga etc due to their strong, potent and psychoactive affects, their sister cacao is lesser known. While this spiritual medicine is not psychoactive, she is none the less a powerful healer.
I say she, as many experience this medicine spirit as a more feminine feeling.
When we use cacao ceremonially, we are invoking the spirit of the cacao, often known as Ixcacao to come into our hearts, bodies and minds to heal us of what holds us back from our true, divine nature.
Yes, the spirit of the cacao plant; that part of the divine that manifests in the cacao plant and has the ability to heal and communicate in some form with the human psyche. If you consider the idea that, we are all one, and nature (that we often forget we are part of) is an interconnected ecosystem, and all things have an energetic vibration (as science show us) we might begin to understand how such energy can be transferred between humans, animals and plants.
If you have ever used Bach Flower Remedies, then you will know that plants have powerful vibrational essences ( remember everything is made of energy) that can indeed be used to affect the human energetic system, which in turn affects the mind and emotions. As with all plant medicines, we are not just invoking a chemical change (which indeed happens) by the qualities of the physical plant, but a spiritual change, which occurs from the assistance and guidance of the spirit of the plant itself which essentially offers itself in healing service to those invoking it’s presence.
Although not psychoactive, many people report seeing very strong closed eye visions, like a powerful daydream, and receiving personal intuitive guidance about the areas of their lives that are troubling them.
For example, one participant at a recent ceremony I held said:
‘It allowed me to release some emotion I’d been holding on to this week. Afterwards I felt my spirit guide with me, and then I realised I had overcome the situation” Cary Anne. Healer.
Cacao seems to me to be very powerful in the realm of the heart. Healing issues, fears and feelings related to our heart’s connection to our world. But really, as with any energy and spiritual healing we often receive what we actually need most, not what our mind thinks we need.
Often repressed emotion that is weighing you down will be released during a ceremony, your body will begin to shed emotion that is toxic to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Sadness, fear and grief can pass out of the body, making way for clarity, strength & renewal.
Sometimes when this happens the person holding the ceremony may assist you by cleansing your aura by burning sage or palo santo, both known of their cleansing abilities.
The experience can also be intensely blissful, and even orgasmic energy can start to arise in the body as energy flows and arises in the body. I have felt the gentle flow of kundalini (not full on kundalini awakening) in ceremony for sure. You may feel enveloped in love, stillness and divine connection.
I’ve experienced strong clarification of deep yearnings, as well as insights into past lives. Truely, the experience is magical when you allow yourself to open up and receive.
And whatever happens is what you are most needing right now.
As with all plant medicines the ‘work’ continues after the ceremony itself. You may notice situations arising in your life that give you an opportunity to use what you learnt in the ceremony. Energy may well continue to shift, and ebb and flow as the healing continues and toxic emotions are brought to the surface to be released. You may feel on cloud 9 all week, or particularly grounded, able to connect with people or intuitive.
cacao 2
When discussing matters of a spiritual nature, some people become nervous. How do you know you are invoking good energy? 
Because of this, some will leave the spiritual nature out of this discussion all together, but it is integral to this powerful heart medicine. My intention is always of the highest light and love and I am working with the spirit of the cacao itself, by calling it and ingesting it. It has been used for 1000’s of years safely. I have never, ever heard reports of negative energy, other than that which is arising in the participant and ready to let go of 🙂
I hope that puts your mind at rest.
I believe the most high has blessed us with powerful healing tonics for mind, body & soul, right here on our plant, within reach of us all if we will share our knowledge, approach with reverence and respect, and protect our land.
Many of us are in need of soul level healing and guidance. It is the deepest aspects of us which yearn to be seen, accepted and loved. This is where the medicine helps.
In my very 1st ever experience of working with Cacao I experienced the healing presence of Mary Magdelene, who took my hand and enveloped me in nurturing energy. Tears streamed down my face as I allowed past hurts to be gently removed. Everyone around me was dancing joyfully.. and eventually I was able to join them.
People often report meeting their Angel, animal spirit guide, and Ascended Masters in these deep meditative ceremonies.
Ceremonial cacao is a world away from your supermarket chocolate.  The average chocolate bar is heavily heat treated, processed sugars and dairy are added and perhaps preservatives and vegetable fats. This eradicates most of the medicinal properties of high grade raw cacao. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is cacao in it’s purest form; ground from the beans, with the cacao butter intact.
I work with a nutritionally and energetically high-strength grade of cacao that is rich in alchemical compounds, usually imported from trusted sources in Guatemala.
There are definite physical benefits to the cacao also. It is:

  • High in antioxidants
  • Source of magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium
  • Better insulin resistance & lowers blood pressure
  • Improves learning and memory
  • Promotes serotonin – the happy chemical

A cacao ceremony is a special time to stop and go within. It helps you to go beyond the mind and hear your soul; tapping in to your own innate guidance, and helping you to release the patterns, conditioning, & emotional blockages that have been holding you back.
How stupendous!
It’s truly magical to share this with a group of like minded people. I dearly love sitting in circle with bothers and sisters diving deep into their heart in cacao ceremony! I also occasionally hold one to one ceremonies which can be accompanied with personal healing. This allows for a deeply personal experience, and opportunity to go deeper with any healing or bridging into clarity that may be wanted.]]>

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