Simple work-life balance fundamentals

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A large percentage of people I speak to wish they had a better work life balance.
It’s a delicate balance, but one that demands to be addressed as you hurtle towards exhaustion, serious lack of joie de vivre & ill health. The stress related to overwork is playing havoc with people’s relationships, ability to be present with children and levels of anxiety.
Many of my clients report a low level anxiety, humming away in the background – due to juggling all the pressures of life… and the pressure they put on themselves. 
A business friend recently confessed that earlier in his career he pretty much worked all the time, and while yes, his career did sky rocket, after a number of years he decided to make a change as he realised the journey of his life was passing him by while he was in the office. As he plugged in to time with his family, his young daughter admitted that she felt nervous around him as she felt she didn’t know him well 🙁
Understandably he was devastated by this. And he used it as fuel to create a very beautiful and present relationship with his children & wife. I really respect him for that. We can switch course at any moment.
He stopped defining success soley by his monetary wealth & wins at work and took a broader perspective.
Nobody goes to their death bed and says I wish I’d worked more.
Today I encourage you to take a broader perspective of success. What would life success look like for you?
In an ideal world: how would you do it with your relationships – love, friends, family?
How would you be in your health?
How about your fun quotient? (remember that!)
Your work life?
Do you have a dream? Of painting, or travelling, or salsa dancing?
And what about that oh so important aspect of self care – your own space to relax and connect to the most high, and yourself?
So, keeping that in mind here are some work-life balance fundamentals to get you moving in the right direction!

  1. Decide what your top 4 priorities will be

Don’t let the world decide for you, you have authority over your life. What do YOU want to prioritise and direct your time towards? When you’ve decided make sure you’re taking action towards them each week. big or small.
Write your top 4 priorities in your diary at the beginning of each week.
 2. Learn to say no
Now you’ve decided what your main focus will be, there are going to be some things you’ll need to say no to now and then. No I won’t work late tonight, no I won’t check my emails on a Saturday, no I won’t do that job for a friend as I have to focus on family today.
It can be hard to say no, especially when it’s to people that you love! But sometimes it’s necessary for the bigger picture and for you to call back your time, especially if you are a yes person who tries to help everyone. A big heart is beautiful, but an exhausted one is not. That’s why there’s a whole section on this in my Hot, Happy & Organised 2 week course, with scripts for saying no. It’s all about getting that feeling of freedom and inner happiness, as we as achieving your goals.
     3. Delegate
If you are snowed under, get help! No woman is an island! What tasks can you delegate, either in work, home or life? Will it kill you to get a cleaner, pass on some of that project, or pay someone to manage your paper work – of it means you get a full day off and a glass of wine?
I thought not.
  4.   “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day — unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”
          – Zen proverb
OK, I know you’re not gonna sit for an hour, but 10 minutes is good. Actually, any minutes is good. Meditation will make you feel calmer and more in control of your day. Squeeze in the lion tamer that is meditation as often as you can. Start with 10 minutes in the morning, just set your alarm. You can listen to a guided meditation on the train to work, or on your lunch hour. I have a free one you can download onto your phone at
 5.   Make time for you
I haven’t got time! I hear you cry. You need to make time darlin’. It’s essential that you fill your cup, to enable yourself to keep giving. If the cup runneth dry, so do you, and dry is no fun is it. What fills you up, turns you on, lights you up? Do more of it! Have fun, laugh, relax, take long baths, switch off all electronics, go into nature.
Recharging your batteries is the direct route to beating overwhelm, so make it important, put it in your diary, and get back into balance.
Be well.
You can get your work life balance back with strategy, meditation & self care HERE

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