The myth of perfect circumstances

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What is it you are putting off until the time is right? 
I speak to people over and over again who are tired of making the same mistakes, or in a relationship with someone who isn’t right for them, feel exhausted or overwhelmed, or have ongoing family issues that are draining them. I work with more and more women who put off having a family until the perfect circumstances arose, and now they are having problems.
Of course, we all want to live the dream.
The one where you are nicely settled in your beautiful home, with a new puppy and have just paid off your pending lovely holiday – before you take action to fix what it is that’s holding you back from your true happiness & highest expression of you.
That action could be investing in a business workshop, healing sessions, a month’s yoga pass, or striking up that very important conversation that needs to be had.
But the reality is the perfect time will next to never happen.
Life, in all it’s glorious mess and joy will often throw a curve ball: a suddenly sick parent, unexpected bill or new work responsibility will more than likely crop up at the exact time you are wanting to take that step to a better you.
While it’s true that some people experience what looks to be perfect on the outside, they still have their day to day lives, ups and downs, highs, lows and plot twists in the game called life.
Looking back, can you recall a time in your life where you now think.. I wish I had just gone for it! Or.. what was I waiting for?! Or… I can see the potential I had, why didn’t I just do it!

Don’t put off the dream for your life until perfect happens.

You put off the solution to having a better life until the kids get older, you make more money, or ‘feel ready’ or get married, or get divorced, or lose wight, or get to the gym, or whatever, the list goes on and on… whatever excuse your currently using.
That ‘feel ready’ is the biggest killer of dreams I ever heard.
“I’m not sure if I’m ready”
“I’m not sure I can afford it”
“When I feel ready, I’ll do it”
This is happy language for: I’m scared. I don’t think I’m worthy / clever enough / attractive enough. I don’t want to try because what if I fail.
And you continually postpone your happiness, in the smoke and mirror guise that you are doing yourself a favour by waiting until you’re really ready.
Not buying it.


The instructions for getting out of the box… are on the outside of the box!
What does that mean? It means you have to DO IT, to get good at it, or to succeed, or to change, or to heal!
It means you have to do it scared to expand your comfort zone, and see a different result in your life, because, you know, doing what you’ve always done, will get you what you’ve always got.
It means there are solutions available, recommendations you’ve been given, paths you could take, and you’re ignoring them.
It means you keep telling people what you want, or what you’re tired of but you don’t do anything about it.
You are in charge of your life, and yes others can help you, but they can’t do the work for you.
You have to decide to take action.
To say enough is enough
To claim back your energy
To stop putting off your freedom for another week, month, or year!
Of course, I’m not saying have no plans, or do everything you’ve ever dreamed of this very second, and what drives me nuts is the limitations and excuses thrown out to keep yourself small. Instead of throwing up the barriers for why you can’t have, do, or be

Ask how.

How can I make time for this?
How can carve out time for me?
How can I feel supported on this journey?
How can I get guidance?
How can I raise the funds?
How can I stop repeating this pattern?
You CREATE the perfect circumstances by the actions you take; while your knees are knocking, putting your money where your mouth is, doing 30 minutes a day walking, practicing saying no, or researching for that job.
The highest version of YOU shows up by design, and not default.
I repeat:
The highest version of YOU shows up by design, and not default!
When I went to live in New York, I barely knew anyone. I’d met a few people when I took myself there to do some filming, ( I used to work in radio) hustling, & music stuff a year earlier – that was the time I turned up to New York for a month, with a cheap video camera, a dream and some friendly tips from an American friend from Facebook – who was losing his shit when he realised his little English friend had rocked up to a hostel in the ‘hood of Bed Stuy on her 1st day. ( For the British folks, it was like turning up to a Salford or Peckham estate like a tourist)
But that’s another story. I love Brooklyn.
I hussled, I went places on my own, I got to know people, I asked questions. I got some interviews, I didn’t get others.
The circumstances weren’t perfect. At. All. The exchange rate was good for me, but I didn’t have money to throw around. I lived cheap and used my credit card. I walked a lot, learned the subways, ate pizza. I knew I would have to work the credit card off when I got home.
I was completely unknown, but because I was willing to do it anyway, (knock knees and not ready) one person introduced me to the next and before I knew it I was in New Yorks best known Hip Hop radio station Hot 97 interviewing a female DJ and was then picked up by DMC of (very) old skool legends RUN DMC and on my way to meet Johnny Juice Rosado in Chuck D’s (Public Enemy if you are young/not hip hop!) recording studio.
DMCjohnny juice
Excuse the fingers, I’m not sure what I was doing there. 2 slices of pizza is it?
2 very talented gentleman indeed.
What’s interesting, and not unusual is one so called, bitter friend remarked I had gotten so far because of my looks. I was very quick to reply that if there were beautiful women anywhere, they were certainly in New York, and they a lot pushier than me!
I basically went and lived his dream. (Ha! #sorrynotsorry ) Not because I was more talented (he certainly believed he had a lot more than me, and in some ways he did!) but because I didn’t wait for the perfect circumstances. Or for someone to invite me. Or enough money to pretend I was really rich for a while. What set me apart is I was willing to work, research, turn up, be visible, start at the bottom, eat noodles, expect no favours & no handouts, and certainly not wait until the circumstances are perfect.
So; what is it you have been putting off until the time is right?
And what can you take action on today?
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