Beginners bedroom Tantra tactics (How to make a start with Tantra)

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Lots of people ask how to make a start with some left hand path (includes sexual union) Tantric exercises. To begin with you don’t have to engage in a full tantric sexathon, but you can play with some luscious ways to connect, build your orgasmic energy and create a deeper connection with yourself and your partner. 
It’s a great way to create deeper intimacy, enhance orgasmic sexual energy, and essentially bring that powerful energy up into the body rather than dispelling it. It’s a process of getting into the heart and body, rather than being stuck in the mind.
There is no rush, no goal, no where to go, and no kama sutra yet so just chill and enjoy each other.

  1. Heart meditation

Sit in front on your partner (naked is nice!), with one hand on each other’s heart. Close your eyes. Relax and breathe deeply. Follow your breath and listen to theirs. Allow your body to relax, & to open up to the person in front of you, feeling their lovely qualities and energy. Stay like this for 3-5 minutes or more
      2. Eye gazing
Open your eyes and look gently directly at each other with an open awareness, just being with any feelings that arise from the mind or body. Sometimes the eyes can flicker from one to the other, so you can just settle with the left eye if you like, and relax. Here, you look gently for, and really see the God/dess in the other person. Be open, and allow yourself to see the deeper soul aspect of the person before you. Allow love to flow and encompass you both. Relax and hold hands, or wrap your arms around each other. 
    3. Energy circulation
As you breath, on the inhale, imagine a circle of energy that runs from the masculine energy / man – from his base / penis up through your body to the heart, then out of your heart, into your partners heart and down back to their base. You can focus this circulation of energy with the breath to really intensify it. 
This is really lovely to do in yab yum pose:
After a little while, you can swap the circulation of energy and breath to go the other way, to see how that feels if you like. A man’s ‘positive pole’ is his penis, and receptive – his heart. A woman her heart s the receptive pole and her ‘positive’ emissive pole her heart.
If you are with a same sex partner you can play with this dynamic of energy flow and feel if there are any subtle ( or profund) changes in your experience.    
Notice any feelings that rise or fall in the body. 
During lovemaking, this can create a really powerful energy moving in the body, with waves of orgasmic energy in the heart. You partner should envision the same sending waves of love from his penis, into your body, and receiving the streams of love energy from your heart. 
    4. Touch
Lie close & facing each other. You can call on divine light and love to flow through you. This is a form of prayer or ‘consecration’, calling the highest light and love into your union. As you’ve already spent some time connecting the energies of the body & breath, you may find that now you are relaxed, the body can lead your touch rather than the mind. Be relaxed, and let your body guide you in touching your partner. 
Notice how your partners body feels under your hand, drink in their body with your eyes, and share with them the beautiful things you see. No tension, no goal, no grabbing. Just conscious, loving touch… Imagine the person before you is the most sacred human on the planet. 
And then.. see where your bodies want to take you next… 
A tender hug

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