What a mercury retrograde that was! Hard time?

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Well, I don’t know about you… 
But the past week has been a toughie for me. I thought I’d got off pretty chilled with mercury retrograde. I had a few clients and heard from a few friends who had some major issues come up over the last few weeks, or had anxiety they were struggling to deal with – a ‘feeling lost’ but me? 
I was cool. 
PAH! Until right at the end… boooooy! Did I get it! Full force revisiting of some very old shame sitting in my system. Body shame to be exact. I cried my eyes out, I won’t lie. 
But it was good. I was being shown what needs to go to bring in more love, and more light – so I hopped to it and used The Healing Codes to shift that negative charge sitting in my body. 
I guess it was a deeper layer… ready to leave. Thank you for the lessons.. for the compassion, for setting me on my path to awakening… and goodbye… 
How have you been getting on? ]]>

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