7 top wellness lifehacks for busy professionals!

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If you are busy constantly working and juggling life, but desperately want to squeeze in a few health and wellness life hacks this is for you.  You may have fell asleep in your workout gear last week, but all is not lost!
– follow these 7 top wellness tips for busy professionals!
1. Don’t drink coffee before you’ve eaten in the morning. Coffee on an empty stomach can really play havoc with your hormonal balance and sets the playing field for the rise and crash wave of energy throughout the day. You’ll feel better if you hold off. Read more on coffee at the amazing FLO LIVING
2. Eat a high protein, low sugar breakfast. Put the almond croissant down and instead opt for sugar free peanut butter on brown, eggs, greek yogurt or a protein shake. This helps to regulate appetite for the day and you snack much less. Bonus!
3. Download a 10 minute meditation onto your phone so you can use it in emergencies .. I have one free on my home page at  – keep headphones in your handbag and if you start to twitch when your boss walks in the room, sit down for 10 minutes with your headphones on at your break and VOILLA! – murder is no longer an option.
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4. Grab a matcha latte, or a juice with a booster (ginseng, or chlorophyll (greens – wheatgrass, kale) shot on the way to work instead of coffee – you will feel happy inside, smugly proud of your decision and won’t be jittery before 9.30am. Life hack happiness rules. 
5. In the middle of a meltdown day, periodically practice 20 seconds mindfulness – just bring your attention back within yourself, take slow breaths into your belly, notice the sounds, notice how your body feels, notice the deep breaths flowing in and out of your nostrils and filling your belly – make any adjustments you feel you need to – then back to business. You will think clearer and calmer.
Top tip: You can set a few recurring reminders on your phone to go off say, 4 or 5 times in the day.
6. Listen to an audiobook or brainwave entrainment music on your commute. Both are calming and take your attention away from the sweaty heifer pressed up against you. Alternatively listen to said relaxing sounds, or a few pick me up tunes when you get home from work. It will help you let go of the day, and help you take off that grizzly manager hat.
Here’s a good freebie:
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7. Orgasm! Hurrah! You’ll be glad to know that the funnest antidote to stress (stress = cortisol hormone) is your lovely orgasm. It releases a rush of oxytocin into the blood stream, making you not only happy but healthier too. Give yourself some time to indulge in a lonnngggg, slow, self love practice 😉 You will be glowy and relaxed in no time.Yippeee!!
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