Do you let pleasure penetrate you?

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Do you realise how powerful your orgasm is?
I’m sure you know how awesome is it to orgasm, sometimes you feel you want it, sometimes you feel you need it, other times you don’t give it a second thought for a while.
You don’t need me to tell you how good it is, but do you realise how powerful it is? How restorative, how nourishing? Maybe essential for the modern woman?
Scratch that. Any woman. Any age. Any where.
Your orgasm could be gods greatest free gift to help you navigate the stress of a bat shit crazy world, balance your hormones and radiate like a sun shined Lakshmi goddess.
I’m about to start a series of talks and webinars over the summer about pleasure.
Stress Vs Orgasm
I’m excited to share these ideas which root in choosing love over stress. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to be good to ourselves,that it is allowed!
It’s funny, there’s been a great response already because I use the word orgasm no doubt, they have no idea nipplegasm is coming… Then there’s the teensiest reference to sex play but mostly the talks are about finding pleasure and holding it sacred in your life.
Stress is the new norm, and most of us have phones beeping,laptops whirring, TVs blinking, deadlines to meets, responsibilities to attend to, family to sort out, kids to feed water and play with… Ahh the list goes on. We live in a culture that constantly stimulates the stress response
The main hormone released during stress is cortisol, and it is so harmful for the body in so many ways negatively affecting your sleep, mood and appitite. You put on weight on your stomach and can’t shift it (more cortisol receptors) you’re tired but wired, can’t relax, don’t sleep well, and your mood is up and down like a yoyo.
When there is too much cortisol in relation to progesterone – the calming happiness hormone, again you can’t relax, and it feels like some of the sweetness has gone from life.
If you have had long periods of stress for any reason, the cortisol being pumped out of your adrenal glands can find it hard to switch off, therefore – you cannot switch off.
Your usual response to stress is compromised and you get more overwhelmed more quickly. Things you could manage easily previously become challenging, overwhelming and confusing.
The answer could literally be at your fingertips… Orgasm flushes the body with life enhancing chemical oxytocin. It helps to regulate the hormonal system so that serotonin – the gatekeeper of food, mood & sleep can do its job.
Oxytocin drop kicks cortisol, basically
But it’s not just orgasms that raise oxytocin… Long juicy hugs, massage, singing kareoke – or like me volume level 10 in your living room to jodeci while doing an air grab, dancing, spending a night in with the girls having fun and laughing, indulgence in something decadent-
These things are seriously good for your health.
So instead of fitting them around all the other things you think are important, consider this:
Can you live a life of pleasure?
Do you consider it’s even possible? Or something other people do, while you do ‘real’ work, and get things done.
What do you need to DO to meet your desires, your pleasures, and what do you do to stop them?
Can you give yourself one day a month where you dedicate yourself to pleasure?
You don’t have to take hours out of your week, small mindful actions here and there are good.
Orgasm flushes the body with wrinkle busting hormones, it makes your skin radiate, what’s not to love?
Pleasure is sacred. Pleasure is important.
You are sacred. You are important.
Can you develop a deep self pleasure practice where you set time aside just for you, mindfully pouring love in to your body and heart… Music, scents, candles, oils, affirmations, food drink…. And orgasm. Orgasm as a way to nourish yourself, orgasm as a way to pleasure yourself,orgasm as a gift of bliss.
I mean rather than a cheeky wake up call… Which of course is fabulous too, but not quite as deeply restorative as dedicating yourself to pleasure in all its forms just for you and no one else.
This type self love is not to be underestimated. Use your prgasm to press the reset switch on stress, and to honour your self as a woman. To get out of your head and in to your body, to pour love and love again into yourself.
You could start with my body Pooja which is a deep meditation to honour and love the body…[hyperlink style=”1″ href=”” font_font=”Pacifico” align=”center”]BODY POOJA[/hyperlink]

Life’s too short to orient your life around all the things that you think you have to do that make you stressed. Sure we all have some responsibilities..however..
How can you tilt the axis of your life to orient yourself to joy
One orgasm at a time.

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